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Welcome (an explainer)

Maybe I should start at the beginning...

Welcome to my website... It's pretty simple. I'm a filmmaker, originally from Wisconsin, but I've been in LA about 8 years now and London for a couple years before that.

I love filmmaking, I love making my own kind of movies. I am very passionate about the films of Mike Leigh, who was the President of my film school when I attended from 2011-2014, and in one part of my career I have been working hard to emulate him in my own small way for my home state of Wisconsin. I have a lot of stories I'd like to tell about that place, memories and fables and made up stuff from my childhood and family friends, as well as lots of crazy and interesting characters - it's my hope to always be making films about Wisconsin, on the side of whatever else I'm doing. Currently it's in the shape of a 12-part series based on the months of the year - I'm up to "March."

Besides that, my main accomplishment in film school was a couple shorts that played at bigger fests, one of which led to a microbudget feature ("Speaking in Tongues") that premiered at the Austin Film Festival. The film's available on Amazon and Tubi, but I'd much prefer you watch the YouTube link on here, as its the original cut we premiered at Austin (loooong story).

If you watch anything, I hope you enjoy it. If you like it, feel free to send me a message. If you like it AND you're a wealthy film financier...

Here's a pretty winter sunset from "February". Talk soon friendo

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