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Nathan Deming is an award winning filmmaker from Wisconsin, based in Los Angeles, who studied at the London Film School.  His 2020 microbudget feature Speaking in Tongues premiered at the Austin Film Festival and is available to watch on Amazon and Tubi, and the 2014 short film on which it is based played at the Edinburgh Film Festival, the London Short Film Festival, and British Shorts Berlin.

His London Film School thesis Dog Days premiered at the 2016 Premiers Plans D'Angiers Film Festival and went on to over a dozen fests in the US and Europe.

He is focused on making high quality narrative shorts and features.  His style is a mix of his influences - both European and American in approach.  Besides his feature work, he is also working on a multi-year short film project called "The Year Project" about small town life in Wisconsin.

Nathan Deming writer/director
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